Welcome to the best meal delivery service in Santa Barbara!
  • Nutritionally balanced meals delivered to your home
  • Meal plans created with your health goals in mind
  • We use local, organic produce to create our delicious dishes
  • You can order weight loss meals for yourself & regular meals for your spouse
  • Our weight-loss program really works!
How does it work?
Receive up to 6 days worth of meals per week: Monday delivery (up to 3 days worth) & Thursday delivery (up to 3 days worth)
Pay only $25-$55 per day, depending on which meals you order (i.e., breakfast & lunch, lunch & dinner, snacks & lunches or all meals & snacks)
Custom meal plans to fit your needs:
  • Balanced Meals
  • Vegetarian ● Vegan
  • Gluten-Free ● Dairy-Free
  • Raw Food
Client Testimonials
“I love the healthy and delicious food, the ease with which I can heat it up or eat it right out of the refrigerator, and the convenience of having it delivered to my door twice a week. As a result I am eating a better and more balanced diet, have lost a few pounds, and saved many hours from not having had to shop for and prepare as much food. Thanks for a truly wonderful service provided with excellence and love.”
Jack Canfield
co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series